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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Relationship Action Plan

This year, I've decided to give up on New Year's Resolutions.  

Simple "good intentions" of losing weight, eating right, reading my Bible, and generating new ventures are just not enough.  

I want to honor God with results... achieved through honest effort... to bring glory to Him.

So, I've adopted the "Relationship Action Plan" approach to 2011 Goal Achieving.

Here's how it works:

1.  Take the time to identify your life's mission statement.

For me, this step took months.  I reflected my spiritual gifts, passions, life experiences, and skill sets... then searched for the overlap of all these.  

The single statement that summarizes my mission statement is this:  "To bring Glory to God through Innovation and Start-up energy."  I'm a 1st & 2nd gear individual who gets bored after a "new thing" is up an launched.  

That's how God made me!  And it is my responsibility to bring him Glory in all areas of life, with that!

2.  Apply your mission statement to each area of the life wheel.

Consider all areas of this wheel just as valuable and important as any other.  Take this seriously, even in the areas you may have neglected or overlooked in years past.  Consider in your heart what it means to have your life mission come to fruition as a parent, an employee, a ministry leader, an "exerciser"... you get the point.

3.  Set an "A" and "B" goal in each life area for up to 3 years out.

Get realistically ambitious here.  

"Those who aim at nothing hit it every time with extraordinary results." -Zig Ziglar

4.  Identify key people who can help.

These are the connections, the networking, the individuals that you may need to invite into this life area goal to help catalyze change.  Consider this:  if your goal is to "eat healthy" you may wish to connect with "Uncle Bob, the nutritionist" for advice.  get it?

5.  Identify key action points 

These are events, activities, or any other item that must take place to help you accomplish this goal.

6.  Accountability

Find someone who can honestly check in with you and offer the accountability and check-up you need to spur you on to success.  My accountability partner and I have pre-booked quarterly "Accountability Breakfasts" where I've asked him to ask ME about my progress in each area.

Take the time, this New Year, to really LIVE your year ON-PURPOSE. 

This tool may be of help:  DOWNLOAD HERE


  1. Why do you call it a "relationship" action plan? What does the word "relationship" mean in this context? Thanks!

  2. Great question. The key to this type of goal setting is not just "setting the goal" but rather discovering WHO in your world can help you with this goal.

    God has created us to be interdependent on one another. Those relationships in your circle of influence have been placed there by God, for a reason.

    In the Relationship Action Plan, consider who you may need to connect with (beginning a new relationship) as you plan your goals.

    Example: one of my goals this year was to learn to dance. I don't dance, professionally now... but I am aware of a person in GR who is an expert on dancing. I may buy that person a cup of coffee sometime soon, to get their advice on where to start.

    Make sense?


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