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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I see... My Habakkuk 2:2-3 Vision


Imagine what COULD BE...
What I see (My Habakkuk 2:2-3 Vision)

Jimmy is a boy, who was raised by his parents in a place called “Hometown.” Ma stayed home to raise the family, tend to the household needs, and serve as the “ezer kenegdo” of her life-mate. Pop worked harder than a one legged man in a fanny kicking contest as the token blacksmith of Hometown.

It was a priority, in Jimmy’s house, for character traits to be infused into his being by Ma and Pop. Pop would invite Jimmy to observe him at the shop while he served his customers well. Pop would seek opportunities to teach generosity, excellence, loyalty, diplomatic communication, and servanthood to his son, Jimmy. In fact, if you didn’t know Pop was a blacksmith, you might have mistaken him to be a coach of sorts…

Ma taught Jimmy how to manage his household, do a budget for spending, make meals, and be able to live as a domesticated man.

Jimmy grew up to be man. Average build, average intelligence… but fully initiated in the ways of character and excellence.

Jimmy rented an apartment of his own, in a place called “NewVille.” With this new found independence, the need to exercise his traits came in to play. It was time to find a job.

Jimmy picked up the local newspaper, and began to search for “help wanted” ads. Finding the jobs section, he scanned from right to left, looking for which job paid the most for the hours (and energy) he’d exchange.

The biggest band for his buck was a factory job at XYZ Paper Mill. He’d be the Pulp-Grunt and make $9.00 per hour!

Jimmy stopped by, filled out an application, and was hired on the spot!

Day One: Jimmy punched in, supervisor gave work orders, Jimmy meets co-workers.
Day Two: Jimmy punched in, supervisor gave work orders, Jimmy makes friends with co-workers
Day Three: Jimmy punched in, notices a few co-workers didn’t show up today, thinks nothing of it, supervisor gives him work orders, Jimmy gets to work.
Day Four: Jimmy is tired, but punches in on time. Supervisor gives him work orders. Co-workers feel comfortable enough with him to share some gripes. Jimmy relates, and likes the new friends he is making.
Day Five: Pay Day. Jimmy punches in, gets orders, supervisor drops off check. 9 x 40 = $360… but alas, the check is only written for $288. In astonishment, he brings this phenomenon to co-workers attention, who begin to laugh at him.

The story continues…

In “NewVille” Jimmy works really hard for his money.

I have to work, so I can pay my bills, Jimmy tells himself.

Day after day, grind after grind, Jimmy busts his tail for the all mighty dollar.

The co-workers Jimmy works along side of justify their existence to him by saying “Everyone hates their job, man. But what do you do?!? We got bills to pay. It ain’t all that bad. Check out this new car I got! Check out this new stereo I got!” The co-workers show Jimmy how easy it is to max out his credit and how buying a ton of “stuff” will make him “happy.”

So, with the “stinkin’ thinkin’” co workers as his present influence, Jimmy gets a credit card. He maxes his credit out. Buys a ton of meaningless stuff. And signs the deceptive “easy monthly payment” lie.

Years upon years go by, and Jimmy is barely making it. He’s long forgotten about many of the lessons Ma and Pop tried to teach him. He’s spent so many years on the “rat wheel” of life, never really getting ahead, that he now feels this is all life is meant to be.

Jimmy becomes depressed. Goes from relationship to relationship. Marriage to marriage. Never considering CHANGE to be an option.

And then, it happens. 21 years of grunting pulp and punchin’ the time clock of his spirit away… Jimmy and his co-workers get paged over the intercom to gather in the front foyer of the paper mill.

“Management” tell everyone that times are tight, and there will be significant layoffs. Everyone is handed an envelope. In the envelop contained a slip of paper that would either secure their job for another day, or end their journey immediately.

As Jimmy pulls the flap of his envelope open, an enormous “flash back” strikes his mind’s eye… flashbacks of the lessons with Pop:


Oh these lessons were dusty, indeed… but they may just be the only life preserver Jimmy has left, as he finds himself forced to…


This lesson is so relevant for:
1.  Corporations who need to rethink strategies
2.  Workers who need to rethink their career path
3.  Small Businesses looking to grow their companies
4.  Teams looking to collaborate and grow!

Think vision:

Think foundation!
Build a rock-solid foundation (God's Truth)

Think purpose!
Discover your calling! (God's Will)

Think environment!
Change your environment.  (for innovation and growth) -- (also, get the dog poop out of the cookies!)

Think influence!
Gather around other successful "re-inventors" and march into battle with them. (Get a Mentor)

Habakkuk 2:2-3 (New International Version)

The LORD's Answer
 2 Then the LORD replied:
       "Write down the revelation
       and make it plain on tablets
       so that a herald [a] may run with it.
 3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
       it speaks of the end
       and will not prove false.
       Though it linger, wait for it;
       it [b] will certainly come and will not delay.

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