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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Band of Brothers


Band of Brothers

Lone soldier
Feeling through life
Unsure footing, lacked initiation
Christ transformed me from within.
Infused brothers, Christ centered
Lead by Christ
March together

Brothers are closer than any friend could ever be. Brothers love, even when the other may feel unlovable. Brothers build eachother up, when others tear down. Brothers would take a bullet for the other. Brothers listen to crazy ideas from their own, and offer support and encouragement.

Brothers laugh together.

Brothers cry together, literally.

Brothers believe in each other.

Brothers truly KNOW each other.

Brothers challenge each other.  

Brothers serve each other, because they want to… not because they lost Monopoly that time. ☺

I am so blessed to have a band of brothers, to march along side of in their journey. In my journey. In OUR journey.

I’m sure Jesus felt the same way about his 12 brothers. (Thanks, God, for this awesome example of brotherhood!)

I pray we all would seek to serve a band of brothers in love, in laughter, and in the way Christ showed us how to. 

There is NOTHING quite like a band of brothers.

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